Batani Select Hotels: for over 50 years, the best hospitality all year round!

The all-Italian charm of genuine, excellent hospitality

As true experts in hospitality, we create a very special idea of accommodation that's inimitable, because B-Touch means attention to detail, the highest levels of service and a concept of wellness that's expressed at every moment of the day and the holiday. This is why those who choose Batani enter a truly Italian place of charm, the perfect expression of elegance, excellence and authenticity.

The patriarch Tonino's approach to life at the base of a very special success

Behind the Batani Group of hotels there's a particular philosophy of life: that of the founder Tonino, a highly successful businessman whose career was guided by a simple but ingenious idea: Every hotel is a family. And for our own family - as everyone knows - we want the best. And the best thing is, this philosophy has become the special touch you'll find in every detail of your holiday.

A perfect holiday at any time of year, in a land packed with art, culture and good living.

At Batani Select Hotels your holiday is perfect at any time of year. A spring weekend by the sea or in the hills, a holiday that's all about sun and sea with special services for families, a thousand different outdoor activities for every season (cycling, golf, canoeing, Nordic walking...), the magic of Christmas. And then there's the pleasure of getting back into shape, finding beauty and a special glow in our wellness centres and spas. All enhanced by a cuisine that combines authenticity and refinement in a perfect triumph of flavours and colours. In a land - Romagna - that's the ultimate in quality of life.

Luxury according to Batani Select Hotels

Batani Select Hotels have always promoted their own interpretation of luxury with a strong Italian flavour, geared to giving value to guests and their needs, with an approach to hospitality that's warm and professional at the same time. For us, luxury is personalised service, an unmistakable touch that allows guests to feel at ease.

Batani Select Hotels

Whatever your passions, we have the hotel for you!