From the Batani family farm come fruit, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and fresh eggs. All these are the components of genuine, simple yet refined cooking, for a new and beguiling harmony on the plate.

Batani Family Farm: locally-sourced goodness

Th Batani Family Farm was created more than 20 years ago thanks to the desire of entrepreneur Antonio Batani and his family to give the guests at their hotels totally genuine products with guaranteed provenance. What better than to start producing their own crops: a wide variety of fruit and vegetables? And all according to the principles of natural agriculture, non-intensive and in line with the seasons. .

Welcome to a world of naturalness

Cherries, strawberries, peaches and apricots, raspberries and blueberries, as well as potatoes, aubergines, courgettes, beans and cauliflowers: these are just a few of the products in a vast array of flavours from Batani. Free-range chickens provide the freshest eggs every day for preparing home-made pasta; olives harvested on the farm are turned into Batani extra virgin olive oil, a valuable ally in a healthy diet.

From garden to table in just hours

The farm is located in the Ravenna hinterland and covers an area of 49 acres. It supplies most of the raw ingredients used in our restaurant kitchens. A vegetable garden has recently been added in the Apennines, near Hotel Miramonti and Acquapartita lake.

The roots of hospitality

In the family estates and the gardens of our hotels, the olive tree stars as a symbol of wellness and longevity. Every day its stark beauty conveys the fundamental value of hospitality: generosity.

A great table in the orchard

On the Batani estate, among the fruit trees or under the olives, a great table is laid for themed evenings in the countryside, special occasions and outdoor parties, to which the Batani family invites guests and friends. To enjoy the genuine nature which really is a detox.

Wellness Valley, the local brand of good things

You're in Wellness Valley in Romagna, where there are only good things on offer, in line with the philosophy we ourselves have built. Wellbeing and health are an achievement made up of small everyday acts: exercise, healthy natural food and smiles!

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