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Torre San Michele climb to the top of Torre San Michele and you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view. On one side is the sea, and the eye follows the Romagnola coastline from the great dark green crown of the pine forest to the Quadrilatero, Cervia's most ancient quarter, with the low houses of the salt workers, illustrating the history of the tower, built for defence against the Turks, Saracens and brigands seeking to steal the salt.


The Salt Pans, a nature reserve and port at the south of the Po Delta, is a very special place in a unique habitat, an extraordinary ecosystem and nesting place for numerous bird species. You can explore the salt pans with a tour in an electric boat or a guided walk; or have the unique experience of being a salt-maker for a day, with an initiative organised at the Salina Camillone by the Gruppo Civiltà Salinara, and learn about the traditional harvest of salt. Discover production times and methods and see the salt glittering in the sun after harvesting, a special experience and a unique memory.


The Suspended Carpet at the foot of Torre San Michele. This fountain was designed by Tonino Guerra in homage to Cervia salt. Created by mosaic artist Marco Bravura, the fountain looks like a flying carpet made of marble and glass tiles, upon which are two heaps of white salt.


The Measure Stone in the square still known as Piazza Pisacane. Here, textiles were measured using the "passo", a kind of early ruler, and the size of paving stones was checked against the "quadrè". The Measure Stone, dated 1636, indicates all the measurements that had to be respected by residents of Cervia and visitors to the town.


Musa, the Salt Museum: in the warehouses facing onto the quayside, the ancient methods of salt processing are illustrated by a salt worker, along with the tools used for the manual harvesting and the characteristics of the product: sweet salt of Cervia, a Slow Food Presidium. The period photographs reveal a bygone world and the origins of the salt-making civilisation.


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